Monday, November 14, 2016

Red Letter Day

It seems such a long time ago
He got off the plane
With those imposing towers
Of Manhattan in the distance.
An excitement,
A good,
A new land
The old ways left behind
 A chance to grow,
To serve and succeed.

Across the wide open prairies
From the Atlantic to Pacific
From the Gulf to the mountains
Everything seemed so free,
So fresh, so good.
God's works
And promises
So boundless
So true
Succeed almost guaranteed.

A utopia almost to good?
Some rumblings in the background
As he was not marginalized
He was fine
In a little tunnel of his own
A beautiful wife
A good job
A safe Church.
He's made it!

But, something did not seem right
Millions starving
Sleeping on the street
Beaten for the race,
Abused for their sex
Or for their orientation or view.
He could only bow in shame
As he passed by.

Restless night after restless night
As the words
Of Christ swirled in his head
"Love your enemy
Blessed are the peacemakers,
The meek, the sick
Turn the other cheek
Take care of the poor."
Contrary to what was preached.

Where does this fit?
Everything seemed wrong now
All around he saw
Hate, not, love
Envy, not, joy
Retaliation, not, peace.
Violence, hate death.
Around every corner
Lies and fear.

A few years later
It is now to late
The red letter writing
That stood out on the pages
Of the Holy book are gone
Leaving just the legalities
That were supposed to have passed
Leaving pain everywhere
And bodies in the gutter.

He looks at the book
In his shaking hand
Knowing it was illegal
For these pages to be seen
There should have been ripped up,
Burnt and forgotten
As the  country moved
To a dictatorship,
A new "Mein Kampf" as scripture.

The fresh land he'd arrived at
Gone, destroyed
Rubble of broken lives everywhere.
He should have worn that safety pin
Should have spoken out
Should have live those red words
And gone and lived
Been selfless
Whatever the cost.

Now it's to late
They are coming
They know about the Book
So it's time for it to be hidden.
Finally with courage to stand,
To hold on to it and and shout
"Jesus is love and peace
All people are equal".
If only sooner!!

The door breaks
A shout
A shot rings out
What success?
What hope?
As memories flood
"If only" he cries
"Forgive me!!"
Then, it's over.


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