Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I March

Holding hands together
I March
With pain
With love
With righteous anger
With hope
With fear
I March
Together as one 
With the homeless
The sick
The old
The poor
The woman 
The men
The boys
The girls
The black
The white
The red
The brown
The gay
The straight 
The scared
The hurting
The confused
The World
The mutilated
The tortured
The discriminated
I March
For the unborn child
For the scared mother
For the abused boy
For the raped girl
For the bully
For the woman paid less than men
I March
For those that can't afford a doctor 
For those that can't afford a roof
For those that can't afford a meal
For those alone
For those who are victims
For those who are discriminated 
For those who want to love
For those who want to marry
For the future of the environment
For the whole world 
I March
Alongside General William Booth 
Alongside St. Francis of Assis
Alongside Mother Theresa
Alongside Nelson Mandela
Alongside Ghandi
Alongside Martin Luther King
Alongside the Pankhursts
I March
With the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears
With the Jews in Aushwitz
With the woman in Athganistan
With Lincoln at Gettysburg
With the Sioux at Standing Rock
With the Doctors at Planned Parenthood
I March
For Peace
For Hope
For Love
For Equality
I March
For those that think they don't have to because they will.
For those I missed
For everyone
For every Country
I March
Because a baby was born in a stable
Because he died alone
Because he was rejected
Because he commanded to love everyone 
Because he commanded peace
I March
With him to the Cross.
I March!!


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